Healthy Meals and Nutrition

Each day, we provide our children with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

We work carefully with all parents to address any and all food allergies and preferences. All children are offered milk; you choose whether they drink water or juice as well. For toddlers and up, we welcome parents to provide their preferred milk.

We participate in North Carolina's Child and Adult Care Food Program, funded by the USDA. Our meals are catered by the Child Care Services Association (CCSA) Meal Service Program. 

Formula and Breastfeeding

We provide Enfamil to infants, or parents can supply their own preferred infant formula. We also welcome mothers to drop-in to breastfeed at any time.

Diapering and Other Care

We are happy to handle both disposable and cloth diapering, depending on your preferences and needs. All children are asked to bring in an extra change of clothes. If/when the time is right, we work with parents and children individually to transition to potty training.

Additionally, our daily schedule includes a quiet rest time, during which most children sleep. Each child has his or her own cot, with sheets and a blanket from home.