Five Classrooms, One Big Family

We care for children across a total of five classrooms organized by age. We are also one big family. All our teachers know all our kids. Classes overlap during playtime outdoors. And, over time, each child becomes familiar with all our faces, voices, and hearts.

Infant Room 

  • ages 6 weeks to 12 months

The Ones

  • ages 12 months to 24 months

The Twos

  • two-year-olds

The Threes

  • three-year-olds


  • four-year-olds

Growing Up Together

We adopt a "looping" or "family style" approach to classroom transitions as our kids grow up. Each child enters the classroom with children in the same age range. Infants, Ones, and Twos transition to the next classroom as a "family group," together with each other and their teachers. For example, when your child joins as an infant, he or she will have the same peers and teachers for the first three years of life, at which point he or she will transition as an individual into the three year old classroom.

Precious Bonds

The bonds that children build with each other and their teachers are precious. 

We work closely with parents, teachers, and each child to make sure each transition is positive, healthy, and fun.