The infant program provides a physically and emotionally safe and stimulating environment for children. We hold, cuddle, talk to, and sing to our infants. We're warm, and responsive to infants' needs, and knowledgeable about infant growth and development. The infants have access to toys, activities, and lots of space to creep, crawl, cruise and walk.

Toddlers and Preschoolers

Each toddler and preschool class follows its own, unique daily routine suited to the developmental needs of each age group. However, all classes follow a similar daily progression:

  • breakfast, seated all together around a shared table

  • morning circle time, including; songs, reading, and body movement. Circle time includes the introduction of curriculum subjects

  • morning outdoor play

  • lunch, seated all together around a shared table

  • nap time

  • afternoon outdoor play

Indoor activities include both structured and unstructured time, with activities to enhance language development, thinking skills, small and large muscle development, and social and emotional development. We emphasize play of all sorts:

  • indoor play and outdoor play on our large, shady playground

  • quiet and active play

  • individual and group play

Typical structured activities include practicing number concepts, problem solving, science and nature, dramatic play, building with blocks, sand and water play, dancing, singing, and listening to music, self-help skills, and creative arts and crafts.